5 basic abilities in entrepreneurship

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Are entrepreneurs born with that certain business “je ne sais quoi”? Or are there certain skills you need to polish if you want to get through? When you are running your own business you are going to need a wide variety of footwear to walk the walk: ether it’s your people shoes, your sales slip-ons, your creative slippers or your planning loafers, you need to have them all well-prepared in your closet.

So what are the essential traits of an entrepreneur? A team from Target Training International recently conducted a study that compared serial entrepreneurs with a control group, probing for which skills were vital to entrepreneurship. After going through the data, they were able to predict with over 95% accuracy, which person had what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

  1. Persuasion is one of the must qualities. A business person should most definitely know how to communicate a certain thing and in the perfect matter so that others around will tend to change their minds and agree. Sounds a bit like a puppet-master, but it’s one of the mandatory skills needed.
  2. Leadership. Sure, everyone knows how to delegate and get bossy around, the core is not this,but the ability to guide people. Constantly motivating them, while in the same time managing to take the responsibility (for both the good and the bad outcomes). You need to be someone who runs the extra mile and who does that while carrying coffee sleeves.
  3. Goal orientation. Records are set in order to be broken, right? An entrepreneur needs to be able to set an objective and then just go through fire and water until it is reached. Planning skills are also a key here. The risk/benefit list, the back-up plan, the worst case scenario, strategy, costs, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, are just some of the things you need to check off your planning list.
  4. Impersonal skills are also a secret sauce to entrepreneurship. Knowing how the get to the person behind the person and effectively communicate with them, spiced up with charisma, are the icing of the cake. Get that rigid coat off and be friendly in business-to-business relationships because no strategy can get ahead of a human connection.
  5. Resourcefulness and creativity are the big guns. The willingness to play the hand you are dealt and also doing it in a downright way, is crucial, especially when failing is not an option. Keep this in mind and you’ll do just fine.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” a Chinese proverb once said, so if you think you are skillful enough to make that tree blossom and be fruitful, the path is clear.

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