5 things you must do if you want your skin stop aging


1. Get yourself hydrated – drink water with an alkaline pH (8 or more).

Your skin will not age and you will not look old if you get yourself hydrated. The chemical compounds in your skin cells need H2O to renew themselves and make your skin look fresh and healthy. Two liters of H2O per day, dosed in 8 glasses of 250 ml per day before meals and snacks, are enough for a sedentary lifestyle. For a more active lifestyle your water intake can increase up to 4 l per day. Most specialists in alternative medicine and nutrition recommend that you drink just after you get out of bed, 500 ml of warm water with lemon juice. You can even make a mild infusion of your favorite organic tea, with the juice of one half of a lemon. This habit will not only keep your skin shinny, but your intestines clean as well. The secret to a healthy skin is a healthy liver and a clean intestine.

2. Use two times a week coconut oil as face cream and body scrub.

Coconut oil, or coconut fat is full of minerals and essential substances that cam make your skin look and feel younger. Besides other 99 uses, coconut can rejuvenate and restore your radiant young looking skin once more. You just have to be perseverant and patient with this natural skin ally, it will work perfectly on your skin especially if you start putting coconut oil on your skin from a young age (18-25). For an efficient coconut oil body scrub, just add three table spoons of brown sugar in a cup of coconut fat and scrub the mixture on your skin, rinse and dry your skin with a soft towel.

3. Eat at least one meal per day made out of fruits (make sure that they are seasonal fruits).

Eat them as a separate meal. Take your time to enjoy the flavor, chew them well and never mix your watermelon with other fruits. Watermelon is the fruit that cleans your body very fast and efficiently if it is eaten as a sole fruit intake. Don’t forget to eat your fruits as they are, the shape itself, which the fruit presents itself with, is another essential form of energy that the body is provided with when you eat your fruits just as they are. Plus it is a time saving activity and you will find that the fruits are tastier this way.

4. Be active.

Identify the activity you love most. It does not matter if it is walking, hiking, jogging, going to the gym, palates, yoga, swimming, football or any other sport. Find something you love to do and be active at least 30 minutes a day. This is very important for your skin because the blood becomes more fluid and more oxygen is delivered to your cells. Oxygen is very important for your health and beauty. I will revel to you a secret recipe to eternal health without much effort and with tons of fun: jumping rope. Yes, yes, that game we all played in your childhood, never stop playing it. This simple activity is cleansing your body like no other sport, because it activates and cleanses your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a very complex and essential part of your immune system that people don’t really give that much attention to, but if you want to have a younger looking skin and feel young again you definitely need to jump some rope, at least 10 minutes a day, if not more. This or a fun trampoline will do. Enjoy!

5. Deep breaths, smiles and hugs.

Most of us forget to breathe sometimes, with our busy schedule and stressful life styles. But if you want to be forever young and looking good, you need to remind yourself to deeply breathe and smile at least 10 times a day. Don’t be shy to hug your friends too. 20 seconds of hugging another person liberates stress relief hormones in your body that will make you relax and feel good.

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