Amazing benefits of coconut oil

Written by Leonescu Claudia

When we say “coconut”, power takes over all of us. Just saying it makes our mouths water while our brain takes us on some exotic place with Pina Coladas and sandy beaches. Not only it is considered a superfruit and it is used as a “special ingredient” in gastronomy and beverages, but its derivatives are also highly benefic. No surprise it is identified as the “tree of life”. Right now we’re just going to explore the perks of coconut oil.

Did you know coconut oil can help you prevent cardiovascular diseases? Yes, you read that right, we know there’s a rumor going around that it’s bad for your health, but if Pinocchio was to have said that, his nose would’ve grown by now. Since it contains 50% lauric acid, it benefits cholesterol levels and blood circulation. It has also been proven that coconut oil helps with digestion and immunity boosting. Adding all of these makes it the perfect battler against infections and liver and kidney diseases. It also has the power to control blood sugar levels and improve the secretion of insulin, which means that if you’re suffering from diabetes you might want to give it a try.

Coconut oil is also very beneficial for your bones since it helps our body to better absorb minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Researchers have proven that this magic ingredient plays a rather important role in reducing a person’s viral susceptibility for HIV and cancer patients. Last but not least, it helps you relieve stress. Its smooth texture and aromatic fragrance will surely calm you down and if you add a massage into the mix, you will instantly feel your body unwind.

Its compounds make it the perfect ally for beauty, too. But we’re sure you already know that, especially if you’re a woman. It is used in skin care and can be found in many savory-smelling beauty products such as moisturizer, shampoos, lotions, soaps, lip balms and many other. Besides making you look all pretty and smooth, its benefits can go even deeper, for instance treating skin infections (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and many others), working just as good as an anti-aging helper. You can also use it on your hair, making it look shinier, healthier and more attractive.

You also need to know there are a variety of coconut oils available on the market: pure coconut oil, refined, virgin, organic, and other such combinations, but keep in mind that no matter which one you choose, the results will pretty much be the same.

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