Americans did it again: more companies embracing pet-friendly office policy

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Pets at work? Best.idea.ever.

As it seems, a 2015 Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 8% of American workplaces allow employees to bring their furry buddies to work. The same survey found 9% of companies such as Google offered pet health insurance to employees, which also marks an increase in recent years. How great is that?

Another thing I found out is that there are some companies that even have doggy play groups and offer play areas, pet gates in cubicles and there are some which offer free pet training, walking or various pampering services. It’s a great time to be a dog, these days.

According to Vetere, the people with ages 18- to-34-year-old tend to look at their pets “as practice families or substitute families and seem to be more verbal in their wants and needs for their pet and for making sure their pet is well tended and well cared for”. Which is highly understandable, considering the fact that many of the careers in today’s modern world can disrupt the work/life balance, which inevitably has an effect on the social life. Yes, we have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but I’m still believe deeply that there’s no better connection, than a human connection (or as a matter of fact, a Wi-Fi one, but that’s another thing).

Besides these, pets tend to offer a certain comfort and heartwarming vibe to those around. You surelyknow they say that there’s no better psychiatrist than a puppy licking your face. And it’s true, pets have that special power to change your mood and offer you a feel-good sensation overall. I, myself, has a dog and a cat and my friends always say that after they leave my place it’s like they’re recharged with life. Which is always a great thing to hear.

It’s no wonder whatsoever that many therapies include animal interaction, especially in chronically ill patients or depressed ones. I also read somewhere they implemented somewhere a special project in prisons where the prisoners had periodical sessions with dogs and cats, since it was discovered that their behavior and overall state of mind was positively influenced by this.

I believe that pets at work is a great idea. Just think that right now stress-related diseases or conditions are the 2nd cause of death, maybe a wiggling tale or a purr won’t push your deadlines and it most certainly won’t jump from meeting to meeting, but those few minutes you could be able to spend with them might just do the trick.

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