Are baby carriers endangering your infant’s spine?

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Baby carriers also known as porte-bébés have become must-have accessories in the parenting world. They’re practical because they facilitate carrying your child around and according to some studies, they can psychologically benefit your infant. On the other hand, they can harmful to your little one when you’re overusing them, whereas a wrong position can cause real damage to their spine.

Did you know that when entering the world, a newborn has only 2 spine curves out of the 4 an adult has? You can easily observe the development of the other two during your baby’s growing process. The cervical curve is the one who will allow your baby to keep his head up by himself, while the lumbar one will allow him to crawl. In the same time, an infant’s bones are extremely fragile, which makes them more prone to having bone problems.

The risks you are exposing your toddler to by using a carrier are different, depending on their age. The baby’s head is the heaviest part of his body, so it is important that these accessories are equipped with a stabilizing system. The same principle applies for baby car seats and they also must be placed all the time against the direction of movement in order to avoid damaging the spinal column. Incorrect position and pressure on the back can cause deviations of the column, the most common condition being spondylosis. A sling should support a C-shaped curve of the spine, or the entire body weight will put pressure on it and result in deformation. Slings and carrier must allow the child to move his head, hands and feet.

You may be asking right now if your backbone is going to be affected as well after using suchaccessories. Of course, it is essential that you adjust your posture as well, but it is also relevant what type of carrier you are using. When you’re positioning your baby on one side, the carrier makes your body move in the opposite one, making the lumbar curve deviate from its normal position. The pressure exerted on the intervertebral disc can degenerate it and increase the chances of you getting a herniated disc, scoliosis and even arthritis. Also, a misaligned pelvis can lead to sacral-iliac joint dysfunction, which is one of the most common causes of pain in the lumbar region.

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