Body language and its importance when you flirt

Written by Leonescu Claudia

We’ve all been in that quite peculiar situation when our hearts go a little crazy after a specific other heart and we just freeze for a second. We’ve all experienced that warm-fuzzy-butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling and our reaction, of course, is to flirt. If you take out the giggles, the pick-up lines and the small talk, you’ll be left with … reading body language. You cannot begin to imagine how much more than words, your body can say. Of course, we know women are so much more expressive than men in these situations. But how can you exactly read and practice your body language?

First thing you need to keep in mind that when comes to reading someone’s body, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all”, we’re all different and we all manifest differently, but there are some patterns you can keep an eye out for.

Observe their posture and gestures. They’re leaning towards you from time to time and tipping their head or moving it forward? That is a pretty clear “I am starting to like you more” sign, whilst keeping a warm, friendly vibe. If you’re standing, you can take a look at their feet, they’re a good indicator of how they’re feeling about you. If they’re pointed towards you it means they’re interested, if they’re pointed another way it’s clear they’re on the verge of running, also if you see one foot is pointed towards to you and one towards the door, the resolution is the same, take your drink and find someone else to talk to.

Another ingredient to the secret sauce is matching body postures. There’s no greater feeling than being on the same page with someone and feeling the connection building up, it just so happens that naturally synchronized gestures are just as cute. Just like in those romantic movies when accidentally they grabbed their hands at the same time or they tilted their heads too close to one and another. These things help insure a safe feeling and also highlight the idea that you understand each other.

Does a lightly touch occur every once in a while? Then you’re going in the right direction. Touching is the most expressive form of body communication people use. It makes us feel special, wanted and cherished. If you pay close attention, it is almost impossible to read wrong a touch? If it’s casual and friendly, maybe you won’t like it as much, but you’ll recognize it. If it’s tight, long and emotion loaded, you are definitely going to feel it.

Another thing you should look for is eye contact. Eyes can shout words so much louder than words. You can see that “I’m so lost in your eyes” look or that “I can’t stop looking at you” look, and you’ll instantaneously know there is something there. We can also identify the sexy, confident and intriguing look which builds up an eye-to-eye conversation and the sexual tension will become almost palpable. If you’re a man and you make eyes across the room with someone, hold that gaze, don’t stare, but keep it interesting and let the other person turn their eyes away, they most certainly got the massage and will look back again. If you’re a woman, you can adapt this to your personality, are you a strong, confident one? Then mix up that sexy look with a delicate smile and that should just about do it. If you’re more of the innocent, soft kind of woman, then surely you know how to flutter your eyelashes and bashfully look away.

Some of the major don’ts pieces of advice we have for you are: never invade personal space until it’s clear the other person wants you to, never place objects in front of you because it is going to feel like you’re putting up a barrier, don’t keep your arms crossed because it will give an angry, negative vibe out, don’t just talk, listen and most important of all, don’t bring out your phone every 5 minutes, no one likes that.

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Leonescu Claudia

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