Burnout syndrome: what long hours at work can do to your health

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Burnout syndrome also known as exhaustion syndrome is a continuously growing problem in our days, especially in the lives of those who work in an environment where constant interactions with people are involved. If the tasks you have, whether they are work related or they get into your personal time, are depleting you emotionally and physically and this situation persists for long periods of time, the risk of you getting Burnout will greatly increase. Burnout itself is not classified as a diagnosis. Experts in psychiatry and psychology often link symptoms with a depressive disorder.

You may be experiencing burnout if:

  • You’re always feeling exhausted. No matter if it’s emotional, mental or physical, having the “outof fuel” feeling and the sense of being completely spent, may be a warning sign.
  • You’re really overworking yourself, feeling you can’t switch off. This is also accompanied with astrong need to prove yourself all the time, feeling like no matter what you do is never enough and your work is not appreciated.
  • You lack motivation. You used to be the jumping up and down kind of person and right now you can’t seem to find any motivation for your work and in the morning, the thought of going to work immediately bums you out, then there’s a good chance you might be burnout.
  • You’re frustrated, cynic and having all the other negative emotions. You may feel like your workdoesn’t matter anymore to anyone, you may even imagine all of these. If you feel like you’re constantly seeing the glass half empty, though this can be normal from time to time, it is important to realize when something is unusual.
  • You’re dealing with cognitive problems. Burnout interferes with your ability to concentrate,tending also to make your mind focus on the negative elements. You may also experience depression, depersonalization or inner emptiness.

Stress is considered to be the second most commonly reported health problem in the workplace in Europe, so it wouldn’t be so uncommon it has taken its toll on you. If you find yourself burnout, you need to take it easy, maybe consider talking to a specialist because if you let it get out of hand, it can rule your whole life. Some tips on preventing this would be: proper breaks, healthy and balance diet, physical exercise and set some limits to your work activity.

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