Chiropractic during pregnancy: benefits

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Chiropractic care is a way to maintain your spinal column, discs, related nerves and bone geometry healthy, without drugs or surgery. It involves the art and knowledge of adjusting misaligned joints, especially those from the spine, which diminishes spinal nerve tension, thus promoting general health in your body. Pregnancy is plenty demanding, which means if there is something as accessible as chiropractic, you should definitely give it a try.

Chiropractic evaluation and treatment can be considered a safe and effective way to manage musculoskeletal symptoms that affect pregnant women. Here is how chiropractic can help during pregnancy, with a range of useful information that you should know.

There are dozens of modifications that are happening in both the bodies of the mother and the developing baby. Biomechanical changes and tensions of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems are present during and immediately after pregnancy, primarily due to changes in posture. Regular chiropractic intervention has been confirmed to improve the likelihood of successfully giving natural childbirth.

Before getting pregnant, a chiropractor can detect imbalances in the pelvis and in other places fromyour body that may contribute to discomfort and it can as well decrease the chances of neurological issues during the postpartum period, likewise it can strengthen the weakened ligaments caused by pregnancy (as due to increased levels of hormones). In many cases, women have suffered from joint problems as a results of the postural changes, when pregnant you gravity center is affected since you tend to lean backwards and arch your spine. In these cases, chiropractic can adjust the ligaments to return to their initial position which will also help with tensions, headaches and discomfort.

Many pregnant women found that this kind of body manipulation (adjustment or realignment of the spinal cord, muscles and other connected structures) provides pain relief from lower back (and neck and joint); also, a chiropractor can offer advice on nutrition, ergonomics and exercise (such as stretching) in order to have a more relaxed pregnancy.

Chiropractic care can also provide proper alignment for an easy birth (quicker labor). Some experts say itcan reduce the chances of miscarriage or C-section birth, control morning sickness and reduce the risk of preterm birth. It can also prevent sciatica, the swelling of the sciatic nerve which travels from your lower back down through your legs and feet. The ability to realign, and in many cases to relax the ligaments and muscles of the pelvis, led to a procedure called Webster technique that helps babies in breech, twist themselves. The founder of the International Association of Chiropractic Pediatric Larry Webster, is the one who developed this technique (hence the name), demonstrated to allow optimal fetal positioning (remove potential dystocia shoulder and lead to easier and safer birth for both mother and child). The Journal of Manipulative Therapy and Psychology has certified chiropractic manipulation with an 82% success rate in cases of babies in a vertex position.

During pregnancy it is not recommended to take painkillers, chiropractic care gives you the opportunity to relieve pain in a natural way. Drugs do not have the same effect on the structural and mechanical changes that occur during pregnancy as powerful as these body practices do. Chiropractic is used as a proactive tool to optimize physical and mental health and offers the potential of a light labor as well as faster and less painful birth. These benefits can be felt both by mother and child. A difficult labor is very physical stress to the fetus. Studies have shown that 95% of children born through assisted natural birth aided by forceps, vacuum or manual procedures have shown problems in the neck area.

Historically speaking, chiropractic techniques were not seen as treatment for medical problems, but as a facilitator of the healing process that is “innate” in our bodies. Science shows us how our brain controls, regulates and orchestrates the healing throughout the body via the nervous system. If there is an interference at any of its levels, we are less than 100% functional. Restoring optimal relationship between brain-nerves-body gives your body a chance to heal itself. When chiropractic is seen this way, patients who use it can get the highest level of health by regulating the nervous system. Chiropractors focus on the spine as it is the output of all the nerves that control our bodies. Having more than 120 joints, the spine may represent a high risk of nerve interference. The body will work much better without these disruptions.

The best part of chiropractic care during pregnancy is that there are no side effects. Sure, you could experience the occasional pain, but the cases are very rare. The most common side effects are actually positive: improvement of blood circulation and mobility plus a tendency to feel good overall. The risk of injury is very low, even lower when it comes to pediatric or prenatal chiropractors.

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