Clear your body and your mind will follow

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Do you experience depression?

Have you been feeling morally down? Have you been having problems with sleep and experimenting insomnia? Have you been feeling depressed lately and lacking energy and will power? Depression is a common thing among people these days and this is mostly because of our increasingly low magnesium and complex B vitamin intake. These two compounds are essential to the well being of our mental health. The low levels of magnesium and vitamin B complex in our body is due to the fact that we do not eat mineral and vitamin rich foods anymore, like nuts, fruits and veggies. The acidity in your body may cause calcium and magnesium loss, due to the fact that these two compounds are used by the body to alkalinize your body when the acid levels are too high. Acidity is caused by the acid food intake such as: acid drinks like soda, cola, beer, coffee, milk, bread, pasta, meat, etc.

If you think about it, our diet is based on a few products: bread, milk, cheese, meat, alcohol, sugar and coffee and cigarettes, which are very acid for our body. We rarely eat good simple homemade dishes that are nutritional and rich in goodness that alkalinize our body and nurture it. One of the biggest mistakes is eat fruits after meals. That is a disaster because the fruit is supposes to be eaten before meals or in between meals for them to be properly digested and for your body to absorb all the goodness inside them.

How to clean our bodies?

How can we clean our bodies so that our minds will always be sharp and that depression will be a distant memory? Eat healthy fats, like coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds, organic butter (clarified butter is better) , organic non-skim milk and yogurt. Fruits and veggies are also recommended; buy most of them from your own country and lots of water and cream soups. Don’t forget about spices and teas. Spices add extra flavor to your meals and they contain lots of antioxidants. The antioxidants contribute to the health of your mind and body and keep them young for an extended period of time.

We talked about magnesium and vitamin B complex, most of the food, which we mentioned above, is rich in these two compounds that will help your mind to stay fresh and sound, so don’t be afraid to introduce it to your day to day diet. Your mind is trying to tell you something thru its entire intrinsic quarrel, don’t ignore the signs. Clean your body first and then panic, you might come to find that your depression and lack of energy is doe to organic insufficiencies that can be resolved with good nutrition and good habits.

Most of mind disorders are now proven to be the cause of unhealthy diet and acid pH. Even diseases like ADHD are now linked to high levels of sugar intake. Clean your body and your mind will follow, you will be clear and you will experiment happiness like never before. Happiness can be ranked by your ability to control your will power and your serotonin levels thru the things that you do and feel. If your body is clean and nurtured the chemistry administrated between the cells of your body will work harmoniously.

It’s all about creating new habits and projecting your persona in a new light, accepting what you can and cannot change in your life and taking matters into your own hands without waiting for things to just happen. Things do not just happen, you actually wish for them and program them to enter your life at a certain point, consciously or unconsciously. You can control what enters your life by being conscious about the things you take into your body and what you let yourself be affected by. Be the master of your mind and body.

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Amy Azwethinkweis

Amy Azwethinkweis is a writer, creative alchemist and nature lover. She seeks the wisdom of nature for a life of health in harmony with the elements. She explores the powers of the sacred feminine and masculine and she is fascinated by the power of vibrating words. Compassionate about all living beings she is interested in the power of self-healing and alternative medicine. Amy is a Romanian faerie with a great love for the plants, crystals, tarot cards and the simple things in life. She can usually be found writing,laughing, singing and dancing or just standing in awe of nature and its sublime power. You could contact her via Facebook.

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