Destination for your honeymoon? Check these cities out

Written by Leonescu Claudia

The whole wedding experience is almost every woman’s fantasy. Probably she used to played dress up when she was a little girl and further on when she grown into a fine young lady she gave her dream wedding the final touches. And just maybe, since then it’s stuck somewhere in a little box from her head, just waiting to be opened. That could happen, women are that crazy (in its most astonishing sense of course). Another case, practically the first one’s opposite, is that your future wifey just doesn’t care about that wedding non-sense, but a vacation sounds madly good.

So, between wedding cake, ceremony and bridesmaids, you need to think about the honeymoon as well. Shall we go to the beach? Or shall we go to the mountains? A romantic resort or an adventure city? So many choices. I’ve narrowed down some of the cities I’ve been to and chosen as suitable and I think you should look into them too, just saying.

If you’re planning to flow on the love boat, I suggest you pick my favorite cliché, Paris in the spring. The weather is just perfect for those cheesy hand-in-hand romantic walks, you can visit the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre-Couer and other touristic attraction you probably already know and, if not, Google is ready to tell you all about them. Eat croissants and other pastries under the Eiffel Tour, drink wine at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, bond with the city together and you’ll surely have an amazing time.

Since we’re still at the love category, I would also like to nominate Verona, yes I may be picking all the obvious ones, but they’ve become icons for a reason you can trust. Besides Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I highly recommend sunset strolls nearby the Verona Arena because that’s just lovely, especially if you catch them with a glass of wine in your hand. If you don’t feel like snuggling 24/7, you can also check out their clubs or live music (CafeXet is one of the ones I stumbled upon).

On the other hand, you I can also vote for Brussels, chocolate and Tomorrowland, I could also pick Vienna because it was my favorite up until recently, more than just the intellectual epicenter, a city to see, feel and go with. I will also add to this list Amsterdam, because you can discover together such much more than the obvious.

If it were me, I’d most definitely pick a very awesome and carefully created circuit in the States. A rented car and unexpected pit-stops along the way. Though in some cases, maybe The Beatles were right, maybe “all you need is love” bonus a great idea.

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