Emotional Eating: How to Overcome It

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Did you know that a shockingly 75 percent of overeating may possibly be linked to emotional eating? You don’t have to drown your sorrows in food. We know it may feel like it’s helping, but it’s actually doing the opposite. If you turn to ice cream, chocolate, fast-food or any kind of food when you’re sad, anxious, stressed or depressed it means you are an emotional eater. You don’t need to worry though, you need to take matters in your own hands and here are some few tips and tricks that will help you do that.

1. Tame your emotions. You may think we’re just saying this because you don’t know exactly whatyou’re going through, but we are well aware how difficult this may be. We’re not suggesting you surpass them, just try and identify what you’re feeling and why. Is it a manageable situation? Then do whatever it takes to resolve it. It’s not? Try for a moment to take your mind off it, take a hot bath, watch a movie or read a book. Better yet, do some exercise, go outside.

2. Don’t empower your vices. We all have bad habits and we all turn to them in the worst of times,but don’t give food a power beyond just meeting your nutritional needs. If you find yourself in the situation where you feel that you simply can’t resist food, at least substitute it with something healthier like a fruit or a vegetable.

3. Conquer boredom and fight temptation. Instead of stuffing your face when you’re not trulyhungry, distract yourself from that. Also, when you go food shopping buy exactly as much as you need, don’t stuff your cart with tons of snacks, if you feel blue try and postpone your trip to the supermarket.

4. Seek professional help. Sometimes these things can get really out of hand and your health is notsomething you should mess around with. If you already went through all of the self-help options and still there was no change, take therapy into consideration. Talking it out will benefit you plenty. Specialists can also give you some insights on why are you actually doing this and what you can do to better cope with it.

The best advice we could offer you is reminding you that the rainbow only shows up after the rain and we’re sure you wouldn’t want to be missing it because you had your head stuck in the fridge.

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Leonescu Claudia

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