High heels: What are they doing to your health

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Most women would kill for some Louboutin heels and while others don’t fancy these shoes, they still own a pair or two, somewhere in the back of the closet waiting for a special occasion. High heels are known to be uncomfortable, in spite of this many women wear them on a daily basis not knowing how much damage they can cause to their health. And here we come asking you, is it worth it? You can follow bellow what you’re exposing to for the sake of style.

Your body will struggle to compensate for the off balance heels cause by flexing or bending forward your hips and spine. In order to maintain this balance, many muscles from throughout your body become tense and hardened.

Crowding your feet in tight, sharp shoes and in the same time putting the burden of balancing your whole body can cause conditions like calluses, hammertoes, bunions, plantar fasciitis or neuroma. The abrupt heel to toe position is exposing you to nerve damage and ushering bones. Pain and risks travel up to your ankles and calves, restricting blood flow and seriously tightening your Achilles tendons which anchor the leg’s muscles. It also affects your legs, causing muscle spasms and making you more prone to strains and injuries. High heels also impact your knees, back and hips, excessively pressuring them and causing distress.

Although you may look sexy and confident in your high heeled shoes, you need to be aware that wearing them too much will harm your posture as well. Think about how much you’re making your spine go through, the lower part of your back will lean forward, while the upper part needs to lean back to maintain your equilibrium. Many women have experienced anatomical changes due to wearing heels exaggeratedly, calve muscles get shorter, tendons get thicker and you may even suffer from spondylolisthesis, a displacement of a vertebra.

If you love them too much and just can’t give them up, we have some recommendations you may want to take into consideration. Avoid wearing heels for long periods of time, take time to stretch your legs before and after putting them on, don’t go over 2 inches and don’t go for the pointed toe ones. Also, alternate with flats, even if your job requires a certain dress code you can surely work with other types of footwear and stop torturing your poor body.

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