How ould the perfect night feel like skin on skin?

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Chemistry and imagination are the keys

Perfect sex just is like an organic reverie which does not requires prior great initiations, just perfect chemistry between partners. Chemistry can illustrate omnipotent natural structures that make up our: soft skin, eyes lip symmetry, smoothness thighs, rose cheeks, hair contrast with skin and eyes, arched eyebrows, your romance, dream story. Chemistry tells us about the beauty of smell and it reminds us of milk and white rum, or the freshly cut grass of early summer on your lover’s skin. If you would like to see how perfect sex feels like you will have to drink water from the pearl shell of love, listen to the vibrations within your lover, while the pleasure felt, triggers shivers down the on spinal cord. Perfect sex will pull your white sails, up while the lace brakes away from your skin, louder, higher and higher.

With a gently lingering you dare to insist on your favorite spot, again and again, whileyour insistences press deep on your lover’s skin. Pulled back instances that you would never want to stop, because such blasphemous thoughts, die in front of the passion that is in the fire ignited between you and your lover. Now he occupies most of you, now you feel complete and he now understands the need of opposition and complementary love. Two totally different concepts that are sniffing each other in widespread satin sheets, now agree. Perfect sex can appear in that perfect evening an sometimes can be referred as: the great adventure, the perfect story, the perfect lover, the perfect size. Your significant other is the perfect gateway to excitement and bliss!

Glorify your sexuality

Never stop looking for perfection in your love life and always shoot for more beautiful ways to make love, this will glorify your sexuality. Get into the raw moments of a perfect orgasm and even keep a journal. Write what toys you played with, what position you have used and how many orgasms felt like they were going to last a life time. Compare lists after a while with your lover, if he plans on keeping a journal too. This way you can have fun combining positions, toys etc. to see if you can reach other degrees perfect. Use your imagination to create perfect sex! Keep a permanent smile on his lips and undress yourselves first in your mind, to create that passion that everyone wants to feel! Don’t put barriers to your imagination and passion because this will only introduce you to routine and illusion partner. Always stay in love, enjoying the full beauty of your sexual life, be bold, be passionate.

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Amy Azwethinkweis is a writer, creative alchemist and nature lover. She seeks the wisdom of nature for a life of health in harmony with the elements. She explores the powers of the sacred feminine and masculine and she is fascinated by the power of vibrating words. Compassionate about all living beings she is interested in the power of self-healing and alternative medicine. Amy is a Romanian faerie with a great love for the plants, crystals, tarot cards and the simple things in life. She can usually be found writing,laughing, singing and dancing or just standing in awe of nature and its sublime power. You could contact her via Facebook.

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