How to make your resume look impressive

weighting you C.V
Written by Leonescu Claudia

Did you know a recruiter spend as little as 30 seconds weighting you C.V.? In that quick look you need to have some things that stand out, so you won’t get in the rejected pile instantly. Also, when applying for a job, your resume needs to bring about the best of your experience and competences, but in the same time it needs to be put in an appealing manner, maybe even give it a personal touch. We’re going to offer you some pointers to improve your resume.

Make sure you avoid clichés.

We all know you’re “hardworking”, “detail-oriented” and “a part of the team”. Everyone else is just as good. No HR person will have second thoughts on your C.V. after you gave them the impression they’ve read it over and over again. Also, if you have phrases such as “responsible for…”, “experience in ….” or “References obtainable by request”, take them out right now. Describe your experience in terms of achievements, if you were “responsible” for something, it isn’t something you did, but a simple something that happened to you. Pick out stronger words and phrases, instead of simply saying you “led a project” you can say oversaw one, try using words like “achieved,” “completed,” “managed,” “resolved,” and “increased”, instead of their rather boring and overused synonyms.

The less is more principle applies here as well.

You may think every bit of information is important and you need to keep it there. Don’t go overboard, nobody cares about the extracurricular activities you had in high school or about the one week internship from college. Be concise and well-organized, write your resume in bulleted style so it can be easier to read, constrain it to maximum 2 pages and, depending on the job you’re applying to, be informative and keep only what’s relevant.

Quantify your achievements wherever possible and make sure you have a career summary at the beginning.

You need to catch the eye of the person who’s going over your C.V., focus on the results, don’t be shy about saying how your results improved the activity overall at your last job, if you’ve conducted a project state numbers, how many people, what the results were. You also need to assign number to your accomplishments, this way it will offer an added value. Keep in mind the importance of a career summary as well because the HR personnel is often flooded with dozens of resumes and maybe they don’t have that exact second they need to go through your whole resume. A short description is easier to read and offers them a sneak-peak at what they might learn about you. Make it as an interesting but not too cheesy teaser.

Another secret we could let you in on is filling the gaps in your resume. It looks suspicious there is a one or two year-old pause between your jobs, explain in a short phrase what happened and why you needed the time-off, how it helped you. At its core, a resume needs clarity. Keep this in mind and you’ll get an interview in no time.

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