In virtue of common sense, break the Taboos!


A collective decision to be free

In virtue of common sense, the taboo subjects have felt a detached need for education. We no longer want to close our eyes, our ears and or mouths. All information is beginning to flow and we need to keep your minds open. We seek a return to the basis of human nature in its magic splendor, without any unnecessary fears and tensions. Collectively we have recognized that the ostentatious regarding taboos have not been something extraordinarily good, this is why we feel the need to make room for a massive and mature awareness of the taboos themselves. People want to know and master them, without being afraid of them anymore.

The endless topic, sex, was freed from taboos and went towards an active exploration point. This came as a need to communicate freely about sex and to stop hiding our primal instincts. This situation actually made it to a beautiful turning point, where people want to self-educate themselves in order to refine and correct these instincts. This is a rather mature collective decision that still requires assistance and support for the moment beginning. Even if you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, that just means that the tunnel is long and it needs you to exercise your patience.

A good vision for the future

This is the kind of vision that the future will encourage and nurture. This way of thinking gives us a chance to evolve toward a disambiguation of sex and its taboos so the individual can consciously master the mysteries of the art of sex.

Just like the artist needs to purchase his tools, we need to get the right tools to master the art of sex. At the individual level we constantly need to inform ourselves about sex and how we can honor this act of love, so that it will only provide pleasure and success. There is no need to keep taboos hidden in closets, to feel anxious when we enter the sex shops, or to feel watched at the office if we go shopping on sexy websites. Be open and discuss both online and face to face with your partner, with colleagues and friends. Sincerity and an open mind always lead to good things, lasting friendships and happy relationships.

Break the taboos and take life in to your own hands. Start easy, but be firm. Look at this situation in another way, you are actually about to break the patterns of the generations before you and start fresh new ones. Begin delicately in your search for truth and take things one at a time, making sure to read the “foot notes”. Explore new territories and always be attentive at the people around you. Talk to close friends, surround yourself with people who are open-minded and who are interested in breaking taboos also. Be optimistic and if things get rough do not give up that easily. See the messages that others give to you and do not over interpret them. Take everything as it is and honor each experience and person with the attention it deserves. Do not invest emotions in people who do not share your thoughts and feelings.

These were just some tips to get you over the mixed feelings you might get when you meet people and situations that are still trapped in taboos. You will also meet situations that are more taboo than others: like sex at old age, swinging, sex toys (with some toys we agree with others we disagree), different types of penetration, sex with your parents at home, sex in public, porn, etc. Some sound good, others terrifying, how we relate to them is every different. The most important is to feel free and happy! The rule is simple: Be open-minded, inform yourself and enjoy yourself! Are you ready to break the taboos?

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Amy Azwethinkweis

Amy Azwethinkweis is a writer, creative alchemist and nature lover. She seeks the wisdom of nature for a life of health in harmony with the elements. She explores the powers of the sacred feminine and masculine and she is fascinated by the power of vibrating words. Compassionate about all living beings she is interested in the power of self-healing and alternative medicine. Amy is a Romanian faerie with a great love for the plants, crystals, tarot cards and the simple things in life. She can usually be found writing,laughing, singing and dancing or just standing in awe of nature and its sublime power. You could contact her via Facebook.

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