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Written by Leonescu Claudia

Since our initiative of putting your mind to work with hypothetical questions/situations was so very well received, we’ve decided to make it a weekly routine. As I previously mentioned, hypothetical questions are a great way to spend some time learning about the values and beliefs of others and also make the best out of your conversations.

This week, I’ve chosen a fun brain-picker for you. Let’s assume a stranger comes to you and out of the blue tells you he will offer you 35,000 euros if you go for three months without washing yourself, brushing your teeth or using deodorant. This might be manageable, but there’s a catch you cannot explain the reasons why you are doing all of these to anyone until after the 3 months have passed. Also, you can’t change your routine in any kind of way, so you’ll still need to go to your job, meet with your friends and family and everything else. Would you do it?

Get your creative juices flowing and pass the torch in a conversation.

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Leonescu Claudia

Initially when I turned to writing it was a decision made on some pretty shallow grounds, first off it was Carrie Bradshaw building a fire under my writing juices. Spicing that up with some reading, somewhere in my 2nd year of collage I was already fascinated. Margaret Laurence once said ”When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.” and I find that painfully true.
If it's something you're drawn to, you reach for it in any of its forms, either it's in a newspaper, on a blog, maybe a book or a novel or you just go full-freelancing, you reach for it:)

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