Let us talk about that intimate thing we call hygiene


Hygiene is mandatory both for health and for your success in social life

Hygiene is a discussed subject, but nobody approaches the depths of the intimate hygiene. Hygiene is mandatory both for health and for your success in social life. You do not have to be covered in perfume and spend money on expensive perfumes. You only need soap or shower cream, Neutral pH (5.5). This particular pH is required to maintain the optimal health of intimate parts. It is preferable you wash the intimate area every time you use the bathroom. Be careful to always keep the intimate area dry. Underwear change is recommended at least once a day, and it is also recommended to wash them separately in hot water. It is very important for your health to remember not to mix the intimate underwear with stockings or tights; this will contaminate the intimate underwear with all kinds of bacteria. This then can disrupt the delicate balance of the intimate area. Wear daily underwear that is made of natural material. Cotton is the best, because it is unlikely to irritate the skin. If you have lingerie that are more than 50% made out of other materials than the natural ones, it is advisable to wear them only on special occasions, for keeping intimate health at optimum levels (avoid irritation, fungi, bacteria, etc. ).

Hygiene is the sexiest asset

Hygiene is the sexiest asset and the sexiest accessory that a woman or a man may present themselves with. As a especially a man. Usually men are attracted to women who have a natural smell, it is not mandatory to wear much perfume to make a good impression on others. It is known statistically that men prefer women who wear perfume in a discreet manner. Hygiene is the biggest asset and the sexiest accessory which you can take with you. Take care of yourself, appreciate your true value and others will love you in turn.

Be clean, dress how you like, and be confident about your looks. A good bath will always brighten up your day. You will feel refreshed and sexy. Get yourself some essential oils; mix them in your bath. Rosemary and Eucalyptus are antibacterial and with aerosol properties. Lavender is relaxing and Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac. Change your oils how you change your moods and see what your favorite mood/oil is. What can I say, hygiene can be a beautiful thing, just like life if you know how to live it!

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