My recipes for hangovers

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Written by Leonescu Claudia

Yes, we’ve all been there. A wild night, mixing drinks which after a while don’t really matter and instantly regretting them the next morning. I suppose you know better than to go and buy disgusting medicinal “hangover cures” which basically is just gooey, green stuff that (mostly) just make it worse for you. Having the college experience has helped me test all the so-called hangover magical go-aways and I will honestly tell you which ones worked for me and which don’t. Although we’re all different and our bodies react differently, some of the might just do the trick for you, too.

I’ve read a study that said almost 75% of people who’ve had way too much to drink experience hangovers and missed work due to one. I believe the number is higher. So, to separate folk wisdom from actual truth I’ll lay out for you some of my get-together fireworks.

The best one and also my favorite one is soup. Soup is always the answer. So, take out a pot, fill it with water and let it boil. Chop up any kind of vegetables that you like, I mostly go for potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, parsnip, celery and little bits of chicken, but you can mix it whichever way suits your boots. Let them boil nice and easy, add seasoning and borscht, and at the end break an egg in it. Trust me, eating this while hot will give your body an amazing boost.

Another thing I go for when I wake up after a crazy night and feel like I might die is aspirin and Sprite. It’s an unbeatable combination. I read somewhere that coffee helps, I can assure you it usually doesn’t, at least not for me and most people I know. It might seem like the right decision, but trust me, it’s not. It will bring all that booze right up and you’ll get an on the spot nausea.

I’ll let you in on another secret, bananas. Combine them with Nutella, pretzels or just eat them as they are. The potassium content will help you stop that awful dehydration that makes you feel like a raisin and they’re also good tasting as well.

On the other hand, the best advice would be to just sleep it off or, as others may recommend, drink a beer. Fighting alcohol with alcohol will perplex your hangover, but this goes both ways, either you’ll feel better or you’ll be just as drunk as you were the previous night.

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