National Dessert Day: give your sweet tooth what it desires today

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Since we were little kids, our mouths always waterd at the thought of the tempting gingerbread house covered in candy from Hansel and Gretel and we got sugar cravings during Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (many of us still do). Truth is, sweets and desserts are everlastingly in our lives, we get a chocolate cookie with our coffee, sometimes we pamper ourselves with deliciously fluffy pancakes, when we’re sad we turn to ice cream, on special occasions we get cake and chocolates. Indeed, they are everywhere.

October 14 celebrates National Dessert Day worldwide. It’s a day dedicated to your favorite sweet dish that concludes a meal. A study conducted by GrubHub concluded that women are 25% likely to order dessert than men. Although the numbers were pretty tied, the curious thing they found out was regarding their preferences. Some of their findings stated that men are 20% more prone to order milkshakes, while women’s first choice is ice cream or yoghurt. A percentage of 10% proves that men also prefer cookies when faced with dessert choices. While women tend to be more “adventurous” in means of sweet tooth, they also go for fried desserts (doughnuts, doughnuts, we all love them). Another discovery of the study was that cake is the gender-neutral dessert of them all — and it is the first choice of 25% of all desserts ordered.

Since I am one of the “sweets addict”, I’ve researched some facts just for the fun of it and I found some actually interesting things about them. Since I was talking earlier about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, did you know that the famous chocolate river was actually made of chocolate? It contained about 150,000 gallons of water mixed with chocolate and cream. I bet they had some fun with that.

I suppose we’re all familiar with the history of chocolate, how it used to be a drink at first, but how about if I told you that an average American will eat about 10-12 pounds of chocolate per year, while in Europe, the countries that are the biggest chocolate consumers are Switzerland (obviously, since it’s the home of Nestle and Lindt) where they eat about 11.9 kg of chocolate per person, closely followed by Ireland, UK, Austria and Belgium where per capita, they eat over 8.3 kg of chocolate.

All in all, I bet your sweet tooth is nervously craving something right now, so don’t just stand there, celebrate Dessert Day together.

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