Realistic pencil drawings are a truly unique piece of art

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They say that Every artist was first an amateur (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Nothing could be more true. The “Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery” Home-Study Course will bring you to the “real master level”—of pencil portrait drawing.

It contains 5 lessons of realistic facial features drawing that help you to achieve perfection in a very short period of time. You will find all the drawing skills you’ll need to become what you’ve always dreamed of: a real artist. You will not have to wait anymore because you’ll get everything you need in this home-study course. Your house will become a true studio and you will be satisfied with the investment that you made.
Christopher Sia, the founder of this project understands best what a struggling so-called artist means. So for the love of the art and the pleasure of helping, he wants to share with you all the secrets that he has for drawing a realistic pencil portrait. To increase your curiosity level, I will tell you just that:you will learn how to see what others can not see.

A total of total of 208 pages, 605 of illustrations, and images could be yours if you take action and get the entire home-study course now. Also, you will get some significant bonuses that will make you more satisfied.
With this home-study course you will understand why they say < >. Enjoy the step-by-step guide and useful descriptions and you will find the true artist that sit hidden deep inside you.

Realistic pencil drawings are a truly unique piece of art. It is delightful to see what a graphite pencile can achieve on paper. It is true that a colored pencil portrait may be more attractive for the eye, but a pencil portrait will be more atractive for the soul.

The “Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery” Home-Study Course will give you all the information that you will need to became a pro. It is not all about talent and skills. Sometimes, practicing and learning are the most suitable ways to succes. Christopher Sia made time to see that thing and mostly, made time to explain others. It is a great thing to share your experience and secrets with other artist. That is how you make art to feel alive. That is how you will feel alive.

The Course explains and illustrates the step by step drawing techniques involved in creating a realistic pencil portrait for everyone. It contains 5 different lessons that will help you to achieve mastery in a blink of an eye.
First lesson is about how to draw a realistic eye. Reading this chapter you will discover a lot of useful things like: how to draw the eyeball, eyelids and iris, how to draw eyelashes so your eye will be more realistic, how to play with highlights, shadows, and eyebrows without frustation and also, how to draw the skin around the eye to get a realistic effect. All these and a lot of others secrets are waiting for you in a total of 55 pages and 127 images.

Lesson number 2 will show you how to draw a realistic nose. Being a central piece in you portrait, the nose must be the best part of your draw. Here it is impossible to hide your lack of talent and your amator mistakes. In this lesson you will learn the important keys to draw a realistic nose, the secret of drawing tiny little details, a simple way of how to identify the direction of the light source and many others techniques.
Drawing the mouth and teeth are the third lesson and one of the most exciting ones. Your portrait will generate a more expressive impact if the mouth is realistic. Learning the direction of how the lips flow you will be able to make your subject express their feelings. A smile will give the portrait a realistic touch.
Lesson number 4 will show you how yo draw a realistic ear. Even if there are many shapes and types of ears, this will not be an issue for you.

Finally, lesson number 5 will be the interesting part: how to draw realistic hair. Most of the artists hate to draw hair, so now you will be able to find a whole new way of drawing realistic hair. You will see how just in 2 minutes you could add more realism to your hair without any effort involved.

All this secrets and many others could be yours in just 5 minutes from now. This is a very tempting offer so I know you can not turn it down. You can learn all these things at the comfort of your home and go for the next real master level. All that you need to know in order to create realistic pencil portraits is now here!

And to guarantee the succes of your effort you will get some interesting bonuses that will make your course more interesting. You will get other 5 Lesson Process Maps to exercise after finishing the 5 lessons in the home course and that is not all. You will also get 100 High Resolution Reference Pictures that will help you practice and 12-week Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises that are designed exclusively to help you get the most out of this home-study course.

This “Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery” Home-Study Course is definitely one in a lifetime opportunity!

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