Surprising benefits of drinking wine

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Did someone say wine? We bet that’s what you’re feeling right now and frankly, we were more than excited that we have few more reasons to love this beverage. Yes, it pairs well with your food and it pairs well with each season of the year as well, actually wine pretty much goes with everything, doesn’t it?

Recent studies conducted especially on the red variety (our personal favorite as a matter of fact) focus on resveratrol, an ingredient found in wine and some plants. This compound blocks the damaging of blood vessels, reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) as well as the “bad” cholesterol from our bodies and in the same time it prevents blood clots.

Their results have concluded that this fermented potion can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, but most of us were already well aware of this. In addition to this researchers found out that moderate drinking of wine can have even other benefits.

One of them is reducing the risk of depression, because who could be depressed with a glass of wine in their hand? A team from Spain gathered data from more than 4,000 people and discovered that men and women who had between 2 and 7 glasses of wine weekly were less prone to be diagnosed with depression.

Another great health benefit is lowering the risk of getting colon and breast cancer. This is a surprising discovery, especially because alcohol has been known to rise estrogen levels in the case of women, which would push the growth of cancerous cells. But if you opt for red wine this levels will actually decrease, so it’s recommended for women to have their regularly sips.

A team of scientists from Harvard Medical School have demonstrated that wine has as well anti-aging properties due to the resveratrol and the SIRT1 gene. The blood vessels were kept healthy and it contributed to a longer life span overall. In the old days, monks believed that wine was the key to slowing the aging process and even making you “immortal”, we don’t know if that’s true or not, but since the process is so enjoyable, we might just try it.

Red wine can also help people who suffered a cerebrovascular accident, this magical resveratrol ingredient we keep telling you about is behind this betterment. When someone has a stroke, there are enzymes in the brain which react in order to protect brain cells from damaging, what this element does is trigger does is increases these enzymes so that they can work faster and better. Besides these, wine is also known to prevent type 2 diabetes and might even prevent dementia.

White wine was also in the run for health benefit results. Studies have shown that it can drastically improve lung function and raise omega-3 fatty acids levels from your body.

These are all the more reasons to make this delicious beverage more than just an indulgence, if it’s for health reasons, everybody should do it. Of course, drinking prudently and responsibly is crucial as much.

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