The 4 types of orgasms and what do they say about your personality


How well do you know your orgasm? How well do you know all your moves and sensitivespots? There are four types of female orgasm! Orgasms can tell us many things about our personality; depending on the type of orgasm you get more often there are some particular features that you need to find out.

The Silent orgasm – it comes and goes, does not last long, but it does not take very much to have itneither. Any position will do and you love to make just enough noise to get you excited. You feel good about yourself and try to communicate what you want with your partner.

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Induced orgasm – is the type of orgasm which occurs when the relaxation and pleasure are combined with your vivid imagination. You have many fantasies and you do not hesitate to enjoy them in your dirty mind while you wait for your well deserved orgasm. You externalize your feelings very beautifully when the orgasm is near. All the fantasies in your mind help you to enhance the quality of your climax, to give you a better, stronger, longer orgasm. You do not mind those moments when the sex is so good that you actually forget that you even have thoughts, but you still know that your dirty mind is always there to help you with your fireworks.

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Loud orgasm – It’s loud, it appears with a lot of screaming. This orgasm appears to be so strong and alert that needs to be accompanied by loud manifestation. This is a very passionate orgasm; couples who are very passionate get turned on quickly and get turned off very hard! Orgasm lasts long enough and can spread easily in multiple orgasms.

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Overflowing orgasm – happens in rare occasions for some women, but it appears to be a skill for others. Either way this type of orgasm is related to the famous squirt. This type of orgasm brings a lot of satisfaction for both partners. These people who have this type of orgasm can relax very easily. This type of orgasm goes to the lucky ones that have found a partner that can really make them feel good. These types of people are charismatic and exuberant.

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Mouth Full orgasm – represent those orgasms in particular that you have when you are with your mouth full, it happens when you are feel the pleasure of double penetration, or when you masturbate and give oral pleasure at the same time partner, etc. This orgasm belongs to women who know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it.

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These were the main 4 types of orgasms that women have, but know that these 4 types can be combined together and this can be the result of a lot of other types of orgasms. Do you find any of them familiar?

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