The best 10 fantasy movies of all time


If you are into fantasy movies, you will definitely enjoy this list of movies and their ranking. Fantasy stories that will make you dream about a better world and fight for your right to live your own dreams. The fantasy action will ignite the dreamer in you and start searching for better movies to watch. Don’t settle for movies that do not startle your imagination. Enjoy your time watching this 10 fantasy masterpieces:

1. Stardust
This is a fantasy movie that will blow your mind. It has a brilliant story with 5 star magic and a bit of raw comedy. The movie stars Robert De Niro in a funny role as the captain of a flying lighting catching ship and Michelle Pfeiffer as the evil witch who is willing to do anything to get her hands on the falling star, who falls in love with a brave young man in his quest to manhood. Impossible quests and magic realms, falling stars that fall in love and mad dynasties that seek the power of succession by all costs, these are just a few awesome things that will make you stand in awe with this movie. This film is the number one in my list.

2. Cinderella
An alternative version to the old Cinderella story, this movie will speak to you heart and brings forth the child in you, reminding you of courage and kindness as the two essential things that can carry your soul to happiness even in the dire of times. The story is full of magic and courageous acts and did I mention the awesome colors and effects?

3. The adjustment bureau
This movie is about one magical love story that you did not expect to arise in a presidential election debate. Portal doors that can teleport you anywhere if you have the magic heat on your head and destiny charts that are not following the initial plan anymore doe to the incredible power of love.

4. Maleficent
This is a story about faeries and kings, about magic kingdoms, rivalries and soul true love. How one’s can be darkened by hate, but in the end we see that love can shine brighter than the sun when everything seems hopeless.

5. About time
Time travel can be fun, when it runs in the family. But be careful every time you travel in time, something strange happens…

6. Bedtime stories
This story is about how stories can come to life, how words can be magical if spoken by the ones who are pure at heart. This is a reminder to be careful what you wish for and how hard work and taking risks pay off in the end.

7. Upside down
This is the incredible story of two worlds, on top of another, parallel worlds divided by gravity and united by love. See how love can prevail even when it really is physically impossible to make it happen and watch how these two lovers defy the law that binds their reality.

8. Ruby sparks
This is a movie about a writer that is writing his perfect girl to life and the panic and the moral madness that accrues in the process. Is it right to literary make someone perfect for you, without the other persons consent?

9. The time traveler’s wife
This movie has a little bit of drama added to it, but none the less it is interesting and magical doe to its intrigue. This is a story of the wife, whose husband can time travel, but she never knows when he will be back or where does he go.

10. In time
This movie is about the rich and the poor, but the current currency is no longer money, but time. This is a story of two lovers, who become outlaws in their search to keep their love and life in time to save the world they live in.

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