The hidden secret of foreplay


What determines sexual pleasure for women?

Foreplay is a much debated subject in the minds of men and women, but it is still very poorly understood. Foreplay is not only the tenderness, the moments before intercourse. Foreplay begins much earlier, it is that connection that arises between partners fare beyond the sex. This connection is developed by a common vision that arises between partners, the dreams and visions that they have about their relationship. This is the vision that excites the women, especially, and makes them focus more on the sexual act itself. Sexual pleasure for women is determined by the degree of concentration that they have during the act of love. Most women cannot concentrate when they have sex. This is the main reason they cannot feel good in bed. So they begin to think about thesqueaky bed, the neighbors, etc. Somehow this lack of concentration is an unconscious self-sabotage for women, because they are no longer present in the act and cannot feel as good as they should feel.

How to make a woman focus on the magic in bed? Be her magic.

How do we solve this case? The easiest way to make a woman feel good in bed is to make her focus, and the simplest way to do that is to excite her mentally, not just physically. This shared vision that we talked about earlier, binds the woman to the present moment and this makes her increase her concentration on intercourse. This is the secret that can maximize the pleasure for both partners.

Let us understand how we can get partners to share the same vision. The pleasure resides in our minds, especially for women, so if you want to have sex more often and if you want it to be more passionate, you need to talk to your woman about things you are passionate about and find those things that bonds you together. Those are the extensions of your reality that make you have sex in the first place. Imagine new worlds together and get in touch with her thoughts, dreams and fantasies. The secret is to really be excited about those things that you envision and that keeps you bound to each other. This will start a fire in any woman’s soul! You will see how she immediately catches a fire in her eyes and her ears will begin to turn red, followed by a passionate sex time.

The more dynamic the dream you dream together the more it will arouse her. The more focused you get on the future of your dreams and visions the more concentrated she will be on the act of sex and she will be more present in that special moment. It is kind of a paradox, I know, but this is the secret of a successful foreplay for women.

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