The secret files of hardware and software sex


What are the secrets of sex?

People talk about sex everywhere, but everyone reaches a point in their conversation, in a language or another, where they find themselves sitting in front of a big mystery: the mysteries of sex. What are the secrets of sex? The software part of sex, those things that do not cross your mind when you think about sex? Yes, those things are the mysteries of sex. In other news, we can quickly pass by them and if we are not careful enough.

The sexual instinct (the hardwire sex) is something that is not of any mystery. It’s there, you feel it in your bones, you can feel it in your veins, no mystery there, but as the subject gathers depth in our discussions the magical side of sex intrigues us the most and not the instinctive part of it. The mysteries of sex talk about sincere partner communication, passion and good humor in bed and respect for each one’s individuality.

We’ll talk about them in more detail:

1. Communication is the sincerity between partners. Partners do not only exchange fluids, but also ideas. It is recommended that when one partner speaks the other one actively listens.

2. Passion and good humor in bed can be at optimal levels if both partners come into the relationship without prejudices and bring along their enthusiasm and creativity. Enthusiasm is the desire to live life to the fullest, combined with love and passion, eagerly felt for the other person it can guarantee you unforgettable moments.

3. Respect for each other’s individuality goes hand in hand with the other things we mentioned, for if there is no respect there is no real communication and the passion is immediately killed. Respect for your partner is the key to success. This key fits well with personal independence, because this way you will start to respect yourself more and you’ll automatically feel a deeper respect for others.

What are the mysteries of sex? The whole secret is to keep an open mind and an open heart. The keys are these three simple pieces that fit in the puzzle.

Respect your partner

The most seductive people are the ones that have high self-esteem, which in turn gives themthe ability to give respect on to others. These are not afraid to speak openly about their emotions and fantasies and they are always smiling. They are followed by a contagious zest for life and have many passions and hobbies. We need to combine the hardwere sex (instinct) with the softwere sex (people skills) in order to have a successful sexual experience. The libido, the sexual energy, is the fire that ignites everything, but these mysteries, that we just uncovered, maintain and explore the flame of love. These mysteries of sex are not here to determine the correct parameters of conduct in bed, they provide a recommendation which you can keep so you can enjoy the full experience and profoundly participate in a shared experience of sexuality, where there was a honest and real connection with the other partner.

The mysteries of sex are beyond the instinct because through them we become aware of ourselves in contact and relationship with the other. It is no secret that many overlook this, but to really expand your sexual experience to a new dimension, you need to be ready to expand your horizons and your agenda of emotions and feelings. Sex is a way of communication, what we want to express here is that this form of communication can be learned and perfected with the practice of the mysteries of sex. There is a language of sex that for many years it was kept secret. The mysteries of sex can open this language’s dictionary. You think about all this the next time you plan to have sex with your partner and who knows maybe you have the chance to open a new chapter in the book of pleasures.

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