The truth about seeds


The plant’s DNA potential

The seed is the final goal of a plant’s life. Their whole life is revolved upon the seeds thatallow them to perpetuate and live on. So the gene of the plant is transferred to the seeds from year to year with new knowledge that the plant gained in the past year.

The whole potential of the plant’s DNA is holed inside the seed, protected by a special membrane that keeps the seed safe from the exterior impediments. This membrane is important for seeds and we need to remember to take it off in order for the stomach to digest it properly. If the seed’s membrane is not broken down, the seed will not digest. It will come out just as it went in. this is due to a special defense mechanism. Some animals and birds are just interested in the fruit, and they forget about the seeds inside, some other animals and birds have developed the skills to enter inside of the seeds and use all its nutritional goodness, along with the fruit or not.

Seeds – plant me, eat me, soak me, press me

Humans have known the power of the seed from the beginning of time; the humans planted, eat, stored, pressed and even healed themselves with seeds. People watched plants and their seed, from the biggest trees to the smallest plant, they related to the seed as the key element to rebirth, to prosperity and a symbol of life. They studied them with the power of careful observation and saw that they can make nutritional and healthy oils, so they pressed them and use the oil on their skin, in their food and in the keeping of some herbs, wood or metal surfaces.

They saw that if soaked the seeds would begin to take up volume and soften, transforming the oils and minerals inside of them into enzymes and nutritional vitamins. This is due to the process in which, when exposed to water, the seed begins its self to life slowly unraveling and transforming itself into a little plant embryo. This embryo is the future plant that will use H2O and soil to grasp its self on to the surface and build up towards the sun to photosynthesis and an autotrophic lifestyle, transforming sunlight into food they need to grow and perpetuate.

Then planted the seeds need your care and your attention. If you plant them with other plants that can help them (physically and chemically) to grow and develop (this is called biodynamic agriculture or permaculture) they will not require much work from your side, but they still need your love. Plants know what to do to grow and you just have to get out of their way and ensure proper sunlight and water. The results will be: food, shade for the soil, a green happy garden and the promise of a better tomorrow.

Seed are also used as medicine, besides their nutritional value for the human body and the elixir like healthy fat oils that you can make out of them, you can use them for energetically. There is a sacred medicine that allows you to use seeds in their natural form on different reflexogenic areas of the palm and feet. People would use this technique to heal themselves.

Now you know the truth about seeds, how important are they for your health. They are a very important part of own culture and it is clear that seeds really sustain life on earth on so many levels. We see how special and complex they are, it is amazing how they protect themselves and how they manifest on different stages of their development. Seeds are essential to our lives and we need to stop taking them for granted, because they withhold the secrets of the universe and the mysteries of life death and rebirth.

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