The way you live your life can affect your sex life


Opening up to other sensations
Have you ever tried sex on the beach? Not necessarily the beach that we see in the movies, when we say sex on the beach we say more than that. We refer to the intimacy that the nature and water provides, that feeling that you have when you sit on the wet hot sand, or how nice you sea feels beneath you when you’re already wet from all the pleasure. Sex on the beach is not necessarily romantic, sure, sometimes it is, but it’s more about imagining the unthinkable, to be open to new sensations. That it’s not necessarily about perverted things, but simply opening up to other sensations.

At one time you may stumble in routine, because you’re stuck in your own comfort zone. To have sex only a big bed is not always a bad idea, and rightfully a big bed is an ideal place to make love, but do not stick to one place. Habits and taking things for granted are the not the best allies when it comes to sex. We are not talking about changing partners for a more fluid sexual life. We are talking about the enthusiasm with which you approach your sex life and life in general.

Combine your sexual fantasies with the joy of living

Combine your sexual fantasies with the joy of living. Enjoy life and sex constantly and it willbe magic as long as you delight your moods laws. It’s always a good time to make love then you full of enjoy, or you do something new. Do not let anxiety of new things spoil your sex drive, because your sex life will be infiltrated by new sensations. Open all your “pores” to life and love and you will enjoy more pleasure in your life like never before. The place where you make love can be an experience itself, that novelty that you wanted in your life, the change, the risk taking.

Do something new, something beautiful visit exotic places, Think about what hobbies you own or what your passions are in life and do not hesitate to reinvent yourself and your love life. Let your sex life remember what enthusiasm feels like, that which you experience in your life. If you want to have an active sex life, do not let age prevent you from enjoying life!

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Amy Azwethinkweis

Amy Azwethinkweis is a writer, creative alchemist and nature lover. She seeks the wisdom of nature for a life of health in harmony with the elements. She explores the powers of the sacred feminine and masculine and she is fascinated by the power of vibrating words. Compassionate about all living beings she is interested in the power of self-healing and alternative medicine. Amy is a Romanian faerie with a great love for the plants, crystals, tarot cards and the simple things in life. She can usually be found writing,laughing, singing and dancing or just standing in awe of nature and its sublime power. You could contact her via Facebook.

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