Things you will only understand if you don’t care about fashion

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Some people are simply born with a fashion sense, they’re the ones who always know what to wear and how to wear it, managing to look like a magazine cover under any circumstances. Yes, those people are awesome, kudos to them. On the other side we have people who just don’t put that much thought into it and they just go for an outfit that’s comfy and it’s more like “I-m-too-busy-for-this”.

Both are great types, although I suppose you could somehow combine them together, switching them like a double clothing personality. It’s fun, I should know. So, I can relate to some of these things.

Hair and Make-up tutorials freak you out

Yes, they really are weird and I bet you saw some “fairytale gone bad” videos as well. I’ve watched a bunch and it felt like lost minutes of my life trying to understand something I will most surely mess up and then just ruin the whole thing. I say go simple, black eyeliner + some eyeshadow, it always does the trick.

If it requires heels and a dress, it’s a no-no. Unless I have to in which case, I ironically feel awesome

We’ve all been there. Something suddenly pops up in your comfortably planned schedule and it requires you to fancy up. First thought “Ughhh”, after brainstorming how to cancel ideas and still feeling like you have to go, you get pretty and hop on those heels. It feels strange, but it’s also kind of great. Especially when you get there and everybody’s got a surprised look on their faces.

Fashion blogs and magazines confuse you

Yes, I speak woman, but neither of these “talk” the woman I know. I’m way overdue with my celebrity news because I don’t really understand in which way it could benefit me to find out who’s pregnant with whose father. I don’t see me in any of those long editorials about how to add more glitter to your outfit. So, yes, I’m always under the impression of not having an idea what’s going on through those pages.

You love working from home because it’s like Bring your PJ’s to work day

Oh, amazingly stay-at-home workdays when the coffee and the pastries are just how you like them and just easily-accessible. You let your playlist on shuffle, sit cozy on your coach and just begin your to do list. Ow, and add the comfort of your favorite sleepwear and it’s miraculous!

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Leonescu Claudia

Initially when I turned to writing it was a decision made on some pretty shallow grounds, first off it was Carrie Bradshaw building a fire under my writing juices. Spicing that up with some reading, somewhere in my 2nd year of collage I was already fascinated. Margaret Laurence once said ”When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.” and I find that painfully true.
If it's something you're drawn to, you reach for it in any of its forms, either it's in a newspaper, on a blog, maybe a book or a novel or you just go full-freelancing, you reach for it:)

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