To have or not to have sex – what a women want?

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How often do women think about sex?

Wondering whether or not women are passionate about sex? How much pleasure do they find in sex? How often do they have sex? How often would they like to have sex? Let’s elucidate this hundred year old problem together.

Women think and want to have sex more often than men. This lust for desire manifests in their minds very often, in fact, daily and regularly. Women like to think about sex in secret and some of them make sure that it is all hidden in their mind and by all means it must stay that way. The only difference between women is that some give this secret away more often than others. Some women never admit that they are thinking about sex (all the time), but that does not mean it does not happen.

What does sex mean to women? Sex is just the icing on the cake

What do women do when they want to have sex, but they simply can’t find a mate because of their high standards? They stop having sex? Become hysterical? Eat a lot?

There are two types of women with very high standards:

1.The pessimists – who believe that they will not find a man with whom to have a stable relationship and actually give up on the idea. They even stop flirting because they think it is in vain, after they already scanned the “market”. This type of woman seems a little bit bored and impressionable. This type of woman you’ll always see at the gym, doing aerobic or running, etc.

These women prefer to use their time in a constructive way and this makes them feel strong. Such activities give them confidence and confirm the fact that wanting more is a pertinent decision in their live. These women will never lower their standards, because they do not have any reason to do it. They are strong and they know it. The pessimistic type of woman is likely to find their knight in shining armor, even if they are called “pessimistic, but they must be very patient, but that is not something they should worry about, because statistically speaking, pessimistic type women were determined and very patient!

2.The optimists – This is the second type of woman in our category, she has very highstandards, like the previous one, and the only difference between them is that the optimist is very social. They are called optimistic because they are very sociable and open to flirting. They like to enjoy the best of entertainment and social life; however, do not have sex with just anybody.

This leads us to the following conclusion: if a woman is flirting with you and she even seems to enjoy your company, which does not mean that she will have sex with you. Indeed, she will think about sex non-stop and even engage in jokes with sexual connotations, but that does not mean you will have sex with her that evening. Somehow this type of woman can lead males on the wrong track, but at least the woman will be entertained. She is very confident in her flirting mood and can even step up to indecent proposals, but that does not mean that you can materialize anything serious with her because her standards are so high. Only a real man could pass her tests. These women want to find partners and they are as patient and determined as the “pessimistic” ones, only these women are flirting and having fun and feeling good with anyone who wants to flirt with them. They are willing to give water the mill and even become very naughty, but this is just compensation for lack of sex.

Both types of women think about sex constantly, but not actually having sex constantly as you may think. Can we determine whether a typology is less passionate about sex than another? We believe that both are equally passionate, but women care about other things more than they care about intercourse and sex is just the icing on their cake. The real pleasure is to enjoy their cake and its entire splendor. So all women are passionate about sex and all women think about sex, those who do not admit this are committing a crime against themselves, but they too will wake up soon enough.

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