What is a shaman?


The powers that come along

The power of intention and attention, the power of the shape that all the things and objects are molded into, the power of sound, the power of visualization and the powers of faith, are just some of the secrets that are revealed to a shaman during the state of trance. The shamanic experience spills in everyday life, thinking and behavior a sort of sacred vibration that transforms the meaning of the interactions with people and with nature. This transformation is healing for the soul, for now you have the knowledge of interconnectivity with all living beings.


One of the essential elements of shamanism is the vocation. Shamans are born or become shamans, but they are always chosen by the spirits of the universe. It can be a family legacy, where the powers are passed down from generation to generation, or someone can be elected without shamanic lineage. Usually shamans can be seen in any social status, from bums to kings. You cannot judge a shaman after the clothes he wears, his social status etc. for this are totally separate things from his shaman qualities. If elected by the spirits of the universe, there is no turning back, failure to accept the role assigned by the spirits you can face illness and even death. Diseases shows you’re not quite in tuned to the Source frequency, once you understand this and start looking the path you’re meant to walk, the disease will begin to disappear.

Shamanism is better understood when it is considered a way of life and not an animistic religion. That’s because although it recognizes the existence of the Spirit in all things it does not manifest adoration for none of them in a formal or religious way, although there are rituals of worship of Spirit. Shamanism resisted all persecutions until this day because, unlike conventional religions, it did not have anything to implement on others, nor has it ever ignored “the reality of the spirit”, through inquisitions, jihad or manipulation, etc. Reality of the spirit, the desire to live in peace and harmony with everything around you, did not impose a specific instance or value.

Invoking spirits

When shamans invoke spirits, they intend to work with them to reintroduce harmony in a place or a situation. They communicate and use their power and knowledge working with a specific intention. Spirits are never seen as bad. Evil is not seen as frightening, but as a departure from the good, in the sense of an imbalance. The shaman is never scared. For him fear does not exist, because there is nothing to fear when you understand the nature of things.

With courage fear becomes a friend. This is how you can overcome fear and become connected to your power. The shaman can extract and direct the power of the universe where it was wrongly placed. The wrong placement of the universe’s power can lead to disconnection of well-being. In general, the first contacted spirits are the four elements, such as elements earth, fire, air and water or spirits of the four directions, the spirits of mother earth and father sky. Spirits are invoked and asked for guidance at the beginning of the shamanic journey or trance and given thanks at the end of it.

The shaman receives two personal helping spirits. They are received in the first 3 trances of initiation into shamanism. Each shaman receives an animal spirit, which may take various forms (wolf, bear, snake, elephant, dolphin, worm, bird, etc.) depending on the certain intention, which the shaman is in the trance for, and a light guide, which also can help if asked for help in any world we would travel into. The shaman meets these two spirits that put him in contact with the underworld (animal spirit) and with the upper world (light guide). This traces are held to bring back from the other worlds healing, answers and power back to those who need them. The shaman is a bridge between this world and the other realms of existence, bringing knowledge and peace to our inquiries and existence.

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