What is real love all about?


True love is not just a concept.

True love is a concept that most of us dream about since the beginning of your childhood. It is something we crave and most of us even associate with happiness. But what is true love suppose to be anyway? What does it look like? How do we know we have found it? And how can we keep it?

Appreciate the simple things in life

True love is something that you find between two people that really care enough about each other to appreciate the simple things in each other’s life. Love is not about demanding things, or wanting things, it is all about appreciation and being satisfied with the things we already found to be yours. True love is the resounding echo of your enthusiasm filling your heart with joy every time you see your significant other’s face.

True love is being able to be sincere with each other and just be yourself in your full self – expression. Being able to express yourself freely in your significant other smile and laughter and feeling safe and never embraced. You will never want to be perfect, for your imperfections tell the story of you and how you managed to learn and grow in mind and spirit.

True love is paying attention to each other’s needs and feelings, being able to learn from one another and admit being wrong. Love is the most important teacher. In a love relationship we can learn a lot from our significant other if you just learn to let go of your ego.

Keeping your heart open

True love is keeping a youthful heart and never forgetting to play and be joyful. Joy is a very important part in a relationship and it is a sign of true love. If you find yourself always joyful around your partner and always excited and full of life, you definitely have found true love.

True love is about admitting your weaknesses and not being afraid to show and share them. Wherever there is true love there will always be understanding and trouble times will come to pass more easily when you have a warm embrace to give you a boost. Accepting your differences and rejoicing in your similarities is a sign of true love. You have similar interests and you want to spend as much time together doing what you love, with the one you love. Sharing special moments, making plans and reliving nice memories is a sign of forever after.

Even if you find yourselves doing different things you still find yourselves together? This is a sign of true love also. Enjoying each other’s company is something that you do even if you do not share the same activities, but you still find yourself laying besides your lover enjoying each other’s silence.

Just remember one simple fact

You know you have found true love when you find yourself making an altar of love in the bedroom, or merging each other’s stuff together to create the perfect space for you to live in. The simple things in life are the best, things that nobody can ever take away from you. Keep your significant other safe in your heart and be there for each other in a respectful existence. Search your heart and your happiness and share it with your lover.

Don’t be afraid to bare your soul, because that’s what true love is all about. Be true to yourself and be true to your partner, never take each other for granted. Taking each other for granted can be a tempting and tricky part in every relationship, but if you keep your mind and emotions pure and open to what the other is feeling and needing, you will never encounter this problem in your relationship. Thanking each other for granted is just another way of saying: I forgot to appreciate your uniqueness and your magic presence in my life. True love is always remembering this simple fact and keeping it in mind.

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Amy Azwethinkweis is a writer, creative alchemist and nature lover. She seeks the wisdom of nature for a life of health in harmony with the elements. She explores the powers of the sacred feminine and masculine and she is fascinated by the power of vibrating words. Compassionate about all living beings she is interested in the power of self-healing and alternative medicine. Amy is a Romanian faerie with a great love for the plants, crystals, tarot cards and the simple things in life. She can usually be found writing,laughing, singing and dancing or just standing in awe of nature and its sublime power. You could contact her via Facebook.

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