Why my heels are somewhere in the back of the closet

Written by Leonescu Claudia

Lately, I’ve been on the fence whether high heels are mandatory to a women’s wardrobe or they can be just as fine replaced with fancy flats. I read a while ago about a study conducted in France exactly on the idea of “magical powers” of high heels. So, they had a women on a crowded street asking for surveys on gender equality, first of she wore a pair of high heels and asked men to “help” her, which they most certainly did, while in the 2nd part of the research, she wore the exact same outfit but with flats and the number of men who stopped decreased drastically. Furthermore, the researchers even spiced up the whole “test” and the girl “accidentally” dropped her glove for several times and I assume you know the result was the same. The study concluded that men tend to change their behavior in a more favorable way when in contact with a woman on heels.

Of course, it’s a no brainer, these shoes have been always a symbol for both elegance and sexiness, and it’s no doubt they offer women a certain “je ne sais quoi”, but are we really that superficial? I suppose we tend to be when facing long legs and tall women. I, myself, am effortlessly impressed when I see a woman rocking a pair of Manolos and not only because it makes her look so damn good, but also because I respect that pain, even though her feet are probably used to it by now, there was a point somewhere in her past when that pain had to be overcome.

Christopher Morley once said that high heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. Which is cute and can also be true, but still not a good enough reason (at least for me) to abuse wearing them. Sure, every woman owns (at least) of pair of heels, but it’s really beyond my imagination how some can go for stilettos on a daily basis. Besides the fact that it’s really not healthy to do so, it cannot imagine it doesn’t get uncomfortable.

But wearing high heels feels bizarre to me. My feet are not in a righteous position, my legs get all swirly and it mostly hurts. Yes, it does have a tendency to complete my outfit, but flats can do that as well, it’s all about the attitude. I don’t back down when I really, must, have to wear them, but I could not imagine wearing them every day. But, hey, different strokes for different folks, and I say viva la flats!

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Leonescu Claudia

Initially when I turned to writing it was a decision made on some pretty shallow grounds, first off it was Carrie Bradshaw building a fire under my writing juices. Spicing that up with some reading, somewhere in my 2nd year of collage I was already fascinated. Margaret Laurence once said ”When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.” and I find that painfully true.
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