Women have fantasies, men have movies

Using Technology At Night in Bed

Men do not think about sex with a woman, they prefer to look at sex movies with women.

Men are beings whom need to have sex, but sometimes they really can get their heads in other things, that simply make them forget about this aspect. Sex is pleasant for them when it resembles what they see in porn movies. If they do it once, twice and they see that the real deal does not resemble their favorite movie, they prefer the luxury of leaving this activity to their own hand. What does that actually mean? They start playing other games and they can become very competitive in their games. Fortunately these are not necessarily computer games, many actually prefer outdoor activities. Those who dedicate themselves to outdoor games somehow actually increase their muscle strength and also their libido, but while they are out playing sex is sex no longer on their mind.

Men do not think about sex with a woman, they prefer to look at sex movies with women. This immediately excite them, but there is a catch, men can actually get depressed if they do not find in am potential mate the context in which they could apply what they see in movies. They also get upset when they find the right mate that they can what they have planned in weeks of watching porn movies, but the woman is in another totally different mood. Men love to look at all kinds of crazy stuff, women like to imagine them. Women get their desire from passionate thoughts; men focus more on the visual and the immediate satisfaction.

What is satisfaction for men?

For men life is very simple, that is why women go crazy sometimes because they know the more complex side of life (attention, complex, not complicated) and really want to explore that side together with their man, but it does not always happen this way. Depending n how open the woman is and how sincere she is about her constant thoughts about sex, she could give the man the satisfaction he wants.

Male satisfaction is directly related to penis, everything is permitted as long as it involves the penis. Of course that men and women want to feel better, but this is going on display in a quasi-cognition built up on top of their penis. Sure enough the man wants his woman to feel pleasure too, but this thought is nothing but a quasi cognition carefully placed on the tip of their penis. Their thoughts are simple it feels good because the penis feels good. This is a simple feeling and they prefer things that way. But women have to excuse men, for they simply cannot imagine a reality that involves penetration without the woman feeling the same pleasure as they feel during this act. But as we know, in reality there are women for whom pleasure is not necessarily implied instantly along with penetration. So as we can see the reality for women is much more complex than that of men.

So somehow everything is crucially dependent on the woman, because her reality is much more dilated than that of men. Depending on how well she accepts and identifies with her own sexuality and how well she feels with her partner, she can offer her man live movies, way better than all porn movies he watched, put together. You can do anything as long as it involves crazy. Get to know your man, don’t get mad at him for watching porn, watch some clips together and be 10 times better than whatever he is watching.

Yes, that means you being awesome and yes, that means using your imagination, but that is actually a good thing on the long run. Another thing about men that women really need to know is that they take their movie watching very seriously, so whatever involves the state of laying back and watching, whatever you do to him will immediately bring him satisfaction. He will definitely enjoy the live, HD, front row “cinema” seat that he has in your bed and with that you will definitely get a front row seat in his heart, for you will definitely capture his attention.

An intelligent and open-minded woman will know how to alternate her need for passion with the man’s need for satisfaction. And an intelligent man will know how to appreciate the live shows that his woman offers him daily and make haste on more romantic evenings, even if that would mean, for some, a little compromise. But man can easily learn to be romantic, especially when their motivation is art served as incredible live sex every day.

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