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What is the most common position?

What is the most common position that gives the most pleasure? The missionary position, maybe? I do not think so! What is the most common position among the passionate art of sex? The answer is missionary, but face down. Women love this position for three reasons: the get to relax, have access to the clitoris and deep penetration from their partner, who sits above in a very relaxed position with his knees on the bed. The movement in this position is capable of making wave back and forth rhythms, to a simple deep penetration that will make your partner. This is possible because the position is offering access to all the sensitive points (the top wall and the deep end up onto the G spot). Sound familiar? To try to reach all of them in one swipe, and multiply that until the orgasm is performed.

You have to be dedicated and take time to do it each time correctly and passionate. This is an important aspect of your sex life? Sex is one of the most important factors of love relationships, how important you think it is determines the amount of importance you give to the relationship. Most are questions like: How do you keep the sparks going? Answer? Simply passionate sex and let your imagination fly! How you handle your sex life? – How about using flowers, satin, lace, suits, vibrations, romantic dinners, etc. Invest in your fantasies; keep your imagination vivid. A refreshed mind is every woman’s match.

Make love no matter what

There are some people who cannot have sex because they are stressed out. Sex is recommended in case of stress, although it comes among the last things you do when you stress. Sex will not only relief pain in your body and release tension on your forehead, it also stimulates blood circulation and relax the muscles. Not to strain from your partner psychological pressure, relax and let your psychical tension be released through physical pleasure.

Life is much brighter when you’re cheerful and joy comes from your openness towards life! Do not stay tense; this will diminish your smile and your joy for life and sexual life. Sex is not a taboo subject that everybody talks about under the covers. Soon personal development will be centered on the person’s sexuality and emotional intelligence. There are already televised, radio transmissions and online information centers for the education and development of sexuality.

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